Emergency Medical Technician / Firefighter
On Call - As Needed


Employees are delegated the authority, responsibility and accountability necessary for carrying out duties to include providing emergency medical patient care, transporting of the sick and injured in accordance with state law, statewide protocol, and the Houston Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. (HVFC) EMS Employee Operating Guidelines. Firefighter training in addition to EMS training is a selective qualification.


Provide basic life support care to include all BLS skills on patients in the pre hospital setting; complete administrative duties including DEMRS System entry prior to end of scheduled shift. Employees responsible for routine checks of EMS/fire/rescue equipment and vehicles; perform minor vehicle checks (fuel, fluids, air, wash vehicles, etc.); and perform minor housekeeping duties.

HOURLY RATE OF PAY: $15.00 per hour less applicable taxes

There are no guarantees that an employee will work any minimum of hours either per pay, per week, or per month. All other duties assigned or necessary to support the HVFC as a whole will be assigned by the identified upon hire HVFC EMS Committee member. HVFC reserves the right to add or remove duties when circumstances dictate. Professional interaction will include members of HVFC, other EMS, Fire and Police services serving the community at large.


  • Current Delaware / National Registry EMT Certification
  • Current Healthcare Provider CPR/AED Certification
  • Valid Delaware driver’s license
  • Delaware EVO license
  • *Selective: Structural Firefighting Certified
  • *Selective: Vehicle Rescue Certified PHYSICAL DEMAND Requires lifting in excess of 50 pounds, standing, walking, bending, eye / hand coordination, near vision, hearing, and speech. Requires frequent kneeling, manual dexterity, gross motor skills, and color definition. Requires use of radios understanding frequencies, telephones, and computer equipment.


APPLICATION AND SUBMISSION           Submit your completed HVFC employment application to:
      EMS Employment Committee
      Houston Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
      PO Box 122
      Houston, DE 19954

 For questions, contact Billy Harvey 382-1132 and/or Robert Scott 270-5328

An Equal Opportunity Employer



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